How to roast garlic

how to roast garlic

Garlic is a reliable remedy, contrary to the opinion that natural remedies do not have a strong and effective effect. What’s more, pharmaceutical manufacturers, outdoing themselves in coming up with more and more efficient drugs for common seasonal ailments, are not trying to deny the sense of using garlic for a cold. How to roast garlic?

Roasted Garlic – how to roast garlic?

Roasted garlic has a completely different taste from fresh garlic. It is much more delicate – you can eat it immediately after baking or add it to sauces or dishes. Roasted garlic will taste with everything – even spread on an ordinary slice of bread. Below you will find tips on how to bake garlic.

garlic roasting

Roasted garlic is simply made on its own, and then you can enjoy it in many ways. You can add it to:

  • sandwich spreads,
  • sauces,
  • dips,
  • Vegetable mayonnaise
  • dinner dishes (e.g. rice or pasta).

How to bake garlic?

We preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius. We cut the head about 1 cm with a sharp knife to expose the teeth. We put it on a sheet lined with aluminum foil (we can pour oil). Bake for about 30 minutes (until the garlic is soft and turns brown). After this time, let it cool down. Roasted garlic is ready to eat. We should not have problems with squeezing the teeth from the shell.

How to preserve the properties of heat-treated garlic?

As a result of cooking, garlic loses bactericidal properties, it only retains antifungal properties. It is also not recommended to fry it, because its therapeutic effect is weakened.

To preserve them during baking, before putting garlic in the oven, we should crush it a bit and let it stand for 10 minutes. Why? Allicin, valuable for health, does not occur naturally. It is formed when the walls of its cells are damaged, due to a combination of alliins and allinases present in garlic.

Roasted garlic treatment

After eating 6 cloves, drink 2 liters of water during the day and switch to a light, vegetable-based diet for one day. Fatty meat, sweets, alcohol, processed foods are prohibited.

Already after the first hour after consumption of garlic, allicin, manganese and B vitamins will be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Then the body will get an injection of antioxidants that fight free radicals. As soon as 6 hours after eating garlic, swelling will decrease, the kidneys will start working better, and we will burn more fat.

At 7 o’clock, our antibodies activate to defend the body against bacteria, and up to 10 hours after eating garlic cloves cellular oxygenation will increase due to the dose of minerals as well as sulfur compounds. This means that the aging process will slow down.

After 24 hours, the intestines will work more efficiently, blood pressure will equalize, we will have more energy and less bad cholesterol.

Treatment with 6 cloves of garlic should not be used more often than once a month, but you can add roasted garlic to many dishes. It will be healthy and tasty.



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