How to make YouTube video

How to make YouTube video

People who want to start publishing professional video materials assume in advance that they cannot afford a professional camera, lighting or microphone. They are afraid of the costs of their own mini-studio and video editing software as well as the computer that is necessary for it. How to make YouTube video?

How to make Youtube video

Meanwhile, Gideon Shalwick, author of the book “Rapid Video Blogging”, explains that hardware and software are not as important as it seems. “Your movies don’t have to look like professional Hollywood productions to be amazingly successful,” says Shalwick and adds that “they just need to be” good enough “and nothing more.” This is due to the fact that the films do not compete with Hollywood productions, but with materials recorded with a webcam.

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Youtube video equipment

Of course, good camera and equipment help, but only to some extent. Definitely more depends on our skills and knowledge of the basics of composition, lighting or even getting to know all the functions of our camera. I agree with the statement that the best camera is one that we can handle well.

There is a certain minimum hardware that we must have, but the rest – at least on an amateur level – we are able to catch up.

Youtube video camera

It is worth considering the fact that cameras with interchangeable optics are perfect for recording movies. Currently, even professionals use this solution. Of course, much cheaper cameras will work well enough. In particular, it is worth taking a look at compact disc cameras with interchangeable optics, such as Olympus PEN or Sony Nex. It is worth paying attention to the possibility of recording video in manual mode, which is impossible even in some more expensive SLRs and cameras.

Lighting for youtube video

50W LED ring light? It is hard to overestimate the role of good light, and it is this area that requires the most work. By recording even the best camera you are not able to make up ugly, unnatural light.

LED 50W ring lamp – thanks to it you managed to get soft, relatively natural light. A dimmer is very useful, i.e. adjustable. Popular softboxes give very strong, sharp light so take this into account when choosing the type of lighting.

How to add music to a movie in Windows Live Movie Maker

Audio recorded using an external source can be added to a YouTube video.

  • We open a video file,
  • in the “Edit” tab we reduce the “Video volume” to zero,
  • in the “Home” tab, click “add music” and select the sound file recorded from the voice recorder (MP3 and WMA formats are supported),
  • in the “Music tools Options” tab that appears after adding a sound, we set the appropriate volume for the new soundtrack (“Music volume”),
  • move the green bar with the soundtrack to start with the right shot.

We add the next soundtracks in the same way.

The best free movie editing programs

  • YouTube video editor – working in a web browser
  • iMovie – Mac OS and iOS
  • Quik – Android and iOS
  • CyberLink PowerDirector – Android and iOS


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