How to cancel Amazon Prime

How to cancel Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Day is a great opportunity to search for attractive promotions. It is true that they are intended only for people using the Amazon Prime subscription, but if you sign up for the first time, it is completely free for 30 days. In contrast, people who have once used their Amazon Prime 30-day trial period can benefit from a weekly trial period costing 0.99 euros. How to cancel Amazon Prime?

What are the benefits of Amazon Prime

Thanks to this function you can use two major things. 

Prime Video 

It’s for streaming movies and series in 4K and with HDR. Prime Video is competition for such services as Netflix or HBO Go, which also boasts many exclusive productions as well as original films and series. This is by far the biggest benefit we get thanks to Amazon Prime, but at the same time it’s worth knowing that Prime Video can be purchased as a separate service.

using amazon prime

Twitch Prime

It’s free subscription with the selected streamer and free games and add-ons. 

Thanks to Twitch Prime, we can give one selected streamer a subscription, which allows us to watch its streams without ads and often in better quality; sometimes additional bonuses are also available to us. In addition, Twitch Prime subscribers regularly receive free games and additions to popular titles such as Fortnite, Overwatch and APEX Legends. The service is also available to Prime Video subscribers.

  • Special promotions for Amazon Prime subscribers – from time to time on the store’s website you can see promotions that are only for subscribers. One of such offers is the annual Amazon Prime Day promotional campaign.
  • Prime Photos – unlimited space for photos in the Amazon cloud (although without the ability to store photos in the original size).

We will pay 7.99 euros a month for Amazon Prime. In turn, the Prime Video subscription costs a monthly cost of 2.99 euros.

How to cancel Amazon Prime

  • After logging in to Amazon, click on your account
  • In Account settings, select Manage basic membership
  • Select the Do not continue option.

During the cancellation process, Amazon will encourage you to switch to a cheaper subscription option that only includes Prime Video (Access to VOD and Twitch Prime).

To disable automatic subscription renewal at

If you are accessing the Prime Video service as a subscription to the Prime Video service only:

  • Go to the Account and settings section.
  • On the Your Account tab, find the Your subscription section.
  • Select the End subscription option and confirm the cancellation of the subscription.

If you are accessing Prime Video as a member of Amazon Prime:

  • Go to the Account and settings section.
  • On the Your account tab, select Edit at Amazon in the Your subscription section.
  • Select End subscription and benefits or End trial and benefits (depending on what you want to do), then confirm.


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